quilici remodel

Architect/ Design: QUAD: Quilici Architecture and Design
Project Manager: Toby Turtura

Most of our projects are word of mouth from previous clients, suppliers, and general word on the street.  There was some pipeline explanation as to how Armin got my contact to look at his Portland residence for a remodel he had been designing and pondering for a few years; I should preface that Armin is an architect that had done the plans he envisioned for his own house and was calling around for contractors to take a look to find the right fit.  I did not know Armin, had never heard of him, worked with him, etc.  Just seemed like a standard process for a walkthrough to a prospective project.  When I pulled up to the house I took a double take at the front door of his house.  For a few years prior I had been going to my in-laws beach cabin with my wife in Arch Cape, OR and the cabin has the same customized front door.  It is about as unique as I could imagine with a craftsman of sorts nailing on wavy wood strips, that are typically used under corrugated roofing, creating a wavy pattern on the surface of the exterior of the door.  I always admire the cabin door as it really has character and individuality that a similar minded craftsman had fun with; well, actually 2 of a kind as Armin's house had the same door.  As I got to know Armin and walkthrough his house I started to ask about how long he had been in the house, again, pretty typical walkthrough/ interview type stuff, but I had an intuition there was something personal to me with this house.  I do not typically try to get too deep into clients (especially prospective clients) personal stuff but I could not help asking if he happened to know who he had bought the house from, or the prior owner, etc.  Bringing the whole interaction full circle, it turned out he purchased the property from my in-laws as this was the house my wife's grandfather (who also owned the beach cabin) lived in prior to his passing just a few years prior.  Both Armin and I were pretty shocked that this turned out to be the case.  I was very excited to get my foot in the door as I knew my wife and in-laws have a ton of attachment and sentimentality to the house, and Armin becoming apologetic for letting the yard get away from him (which was over exaggerated from my perspective).  So here it is: Bobo's house completely remodeled, every single surface of the interior touched and significant work to the exterior, including replacement of the original front door. It was a very interactive and organic process working with Armin on his dream house. I am a tremendous fan of the organic process as the ideas on paper/ CAD only provide so much that cannot be truly understood or grasped until the true form is put together. So many layers are not visible or noted and this transformation was nothing less than a thing of beauty and a wonderful project to be a part of.