Clarkbuilt, Inc is a full service construction company specializing in early 20th century residential remodeling and carpentry. Whether adjusting the squeaking front door, or lifting a house to replace the foundation there is nothing too large or small for us. With a full cabinet shop and a staff of skilled and dedicated craftsmen we can build your dreams into reality from start to finish. Please follow the links below for more information/ pictures.

Energy Efficiency / Green Building Practices: We have a stockpile of salvaged materials from previous jobs which we repurpose into building materials of all forms. Considerations for upgrading dated windows/ doors and insulating existing walls are just some examples for increasing the energy efficiency of an older home. 

Seismic Upgrades: Growing concerns of the cascadian subduction earthquake have increased the awareness of structurally bolting your house to the foundation.
We follow the industry standard presented by Simpson/ Strong Tie for the seismic retrofit:

Foundations: Having worked on Portland houses that go back as far as 1881 we have encountered just about every problem faced with foundations and the considerations needed when converting a basement. 

Remodels / Additions: We have experience and knowledge with every component of a house and the work required to execute any scope of work to a house. We have a list of subcontractors that we have worked with for years to ensure all elements are timely and properly completed. We are familiar with historic home and neighborhood association considerations with respect to alterations. 

Architectural/ Drafting: For the City of Portland to approve most remodel, addition, new construction projects, and provide a building permit, a complete set of architectural plans need to be provided.  From new construction and large additions to small details for tile layout we can provide a visual presentation for this to meet permitting needs and client approval. 

Installations: Clarkbuilt provides subcontracting services to other contractors and hourly services to homeowners for carpentry and tile services.  We have worked on large scale commercial projects as carpenters in hotels and breweries and the smallest scale work for homeowners to replace a single broken tile.  We are happy to provide handyman services at hourly rates. 

Cabinetry/ Custom Pieces: We do all of our cabinetry in- house. If you can imagine it, we can build it. From cutting boards and jewelry boxes to 900 sq ft kitchen cabinetry we take great pleasure in the work required. 

Permits/ Inspections: We are honored to be one of the contractors in the City of Portland FIRS program. We have a direct relationship with our inspector for each job and can call at any time for consultations inspections as needed.