Architect/ Design: Kris Celtnieks, Clarkbuilt, Inc.
Project Manager: Toby Turtura

What I love about this job is there are always “firsts”, especially in the remodel game. We took the existing 650SF pool house the clients did not have a use for after they purchased the property in SW Portland and turned it into a one bedroom ADU that will be lived in permanently! As much as we hated to see one of the rare indoor pools in town filled in this was transformed into a new, energy efficient, one bedroom apartment that will be habited daily versus a conditioned space only used sparingly requiring a lot of finite resources. We completed the entire design-build assisting the client in selecting finishes. Everything came together seamlessly and looks as though it was always there! Some highlight elements included radiant floor heating throughout, cork floors, reframed vaulted ceilings, custom cabinetry and built-in units, new clad Marvin windows and doors, and ductless mini split heating and cooling. Projects like these are where design/build can really be taken advantage of with all of the unknowns you get into in an 80+ year old structure.