nw irving

Designer / Architect: McCall Design
Project Manager: Soren Clark
Award: Chrysalis Award: National Winner 2016 Best Whole House Remodel Under $300,000.00

This is the most unique remodeling adventure we were fortunate to be a part of.  These clients purchased this townhouse and hired us after one meeting.  After the quick meet, greet, and “you’re hired” they returned to England only to come back a year later once the project was completed.  The 1890’s townhouse in NW Portland was purchased needing a complete remodel.  The second floor bathroom and master bedroom were completely rearranged with new cabinetry, tile, counter tops, etc.  The main floor was slightly rearranged to get the hall bath under the staircase and open the kitchen to dining area.  The kitchen was given a whole new life with new custom cabinetry and counter tops, crown moldings and appliances.  The basement was given a life after spending over 100 years unfinished with an exposed brick foundation.  A formal laundry, bedroom, bathroom, and large family area were added to the basement thanks to a 20 foot steel beam being recessed into the first floor framing.  All new systems (heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical), insulation, heated floors at bathrooms, designer tile and lighting, and much more contributed to the remodel.  The original design and materials were preserved and re purposed as much as possible.  The clients returned with their 2 children and are loving their new-old home in Portland.